DC’s Wonder Twins To Face Twin Villains

Recent developments in the production of DC’s Wonder Twins reveal that Zan and Jayna will face villains who are also twins.

An article from That Hashtag Show lists casting details for the upcoming HBO Max DC movie.

Wonder Twins are characters from DC comics that had their animated features through The All-New Super Friends Hour. In the cartoon show, they are aliens with superpowers who are apprentices to the Justice League. Smallville featured their live-action version during its 9th season. Zan transforms into different states of water, while Jayna transfigures into different animals.

DC’s Wonder Twins To Face Twin Villains

DC's Wonder Twins To Face Twin Villains

Image: DC Comics

After the brief live action introduction of the Wonder Twins in Smallville, there was little to no news as to whether the Zan and Jayna would have a go at live action again. In Smallville, Zan and Jayna were teenagers who idolized The Blur. Clark Kent, portrayed by Tom Welling, used The Blur as an alter ego in his initial phase of crime fighting. Even though the twins’ actions stemmed from good intentions, their methods proved faulty and ultimately bringing problems to the Blur’s name. These actions were corrected and Kent ultimately told them that in they must believe in themselves and that time they will become their own heroes.

In both iterations of the Wonder Twins, even though they were decades apart, their youth and simplistic views on solutions reflect their own innocence. Their well-meaning actions somehow finds ways to wreak havoc they did not intend to happen. In the end, they need guidance to hone their skills and channel their strength. This provided a comedic angle to the Smallville episode. It’s the same for The All-New Super Friends Hour. The more they meant to prove they can help, the more trouble is brought to the superheroes who are their guardians.

This characteristic of the Wonder Twins is right up Adam Sztykiel’s alley to write and direct. The world is ready to re-acquaint itself with Zan and Jayna. Together with the Wonder Twins, will be other characters of the series.

Kenzie is Jayna’s roommate. In the description shared in the article, production is looking for an Australian female over 18 to play an 18-year old character. There is no ethnicity indicated. However, it would be ideal if the actress has the Australian accent. Kenzie is optimistic but might not be “all there”. It already sounds like a character for a comedic element of the movie. Kenzie may also be aware of the twins’ powers because she also encourages Chad, Zan’s Earth name, in honing his powers.

DC’s Wonder Twins To Face Twin Villains

DC's Wonder Twins To Face Twin Villains

Image; Warner Bros.

Two other characters Pils and Vinka are also twins in the series. Their description covers eerie depiction of identical twins. Apparently, the 17-year old twins have the mission to kill Jayna and Zan. The limited description of the villainous twins can mean that there is a bigger villain along the way.

We await for further updates as to who lands these roles in the near future. HBO Max is clearly setting itself up as the new home for DC characters across genres.

The Wonder Twins activates its production this July in Atlanta, Georgia.


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