DC Films Planned To Make Crisis On Infinite Earths For DCEU

In the wake Batgirl and Scoob! cancelation, talks surface that DC Films had plans to make Crisis on Infinite Earths for the DCEU. Apparently, CEO David Zaslav’s 10-year plan stopped that from happening with the new plan that is now in place.

In an article from The Hollywood Reporter cited that Walter Hamada actually had plans to release three or four films in a year. These included a storyline that will follow Crisis On Infinite Earths. The said event is highly known among DC comic book fans for generations. Likewise, the CW DC series adapted the event to cross over characters for a season. In the comics, a Crisis event resets storylines for characters and sometimes “cleans up” confusing narratives.

DC Films Planned To Make Crisis On Infinite Earths For DCEU

DC Films Planned To Make Crisis On Infinite Earths For DCEU

Image: DC Comics

THR reports that Hamada almost exited the company after Batgirl’s cancelation. However, executives reporting to Zaslav convinced Hamada to at least stay on until the release of Black Adam this October. In effect, his ‘crisis’ plans are off the table. Projects such as those introducing the Secret Six, even Supergirl, Green Lantern Corps and Static Shock may now be undergoing re-evaluations. Even the Black Superman movie of J.J. Abrams is not yet in the clear.

Fortunately, some titles are safe from the cancelation block. Projects of James Gunn, Todd Phillips, and Matt Reeves are indeed still on track as well as the Blue Beetle movie with director Angel Manuel Soto starring Xolo Maridueña. Zaslav even expressed his confidence in quality of the upcoming movies: Black Adam, The Flash and Shazam 2. Thus, the three together with Aquaman 2 are still on the schedule of release dates for DCEU.

At the moment, a different crisis is happening and it isn’t in the DCEU but in the DC Films. However, the crisis will truly hopefully pave the way for a clearer and better path for DC. An article from Geekosity shares that the Crisis On Infinite Earths was to usher in a timeline after the Snyderverse Justice League. The article also re-emphasized that Zaslav is not impressed with the DC Films’ performance and the CEO means to change that himself. Now with his team on board, he is actively looking for someone who could be DC’s answer to Marvel’s Kevin Feige.

DC Films Planned To Make Crisis On Infinite Earths For DCEU

DC Films Planned To Make Crisis On Infinite Earths For DCEU

Image: Warner Bros.

The decision to scrap the plans for ‘crisis’ does not mean they will not use that route. Only, they will change the narrative. In effect, the Snyderverse Justice League will still hold. So many fans are welcoming this development as they have long lobbied for the return of Zack Snyder’s Justice League for so long. Of course, this will mean that the Man of Steel may just still be Henry Cavill.

A unified storyline for DC Films or DC Studios is very long overdue. If the television adaptations as well as the animated versions are able to accomplish such a feat, then the theatrical renditions should easily follow. Come on DC. Get it together. Make it happen.


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