David Zaslav Actually Offered Kevin Feige DC Studios

Before James Gunn and Peter Safran co-heads the new DC Studios, David Zaslav apparently offered the position to Kevin Feige first. It’s no secret that Zaslav has been looking for the DC Studios counterpart for Marvel Studio’s Kevin Feige. Even though this is recent news from comicbookmovie via abovetheline, fans are not surprised that the WBD top honcho offered the position to the Marvel mastermind himself. Equally, at no surprise to fans as well, Feige politely declined.

Truly, during the times when Zaslav was on his search and outwardly declaring WBD needs their own “Kevin Feige” for DC, the notion came to mind. Of course, for whom ever thought of it, they dismissed the idea saying Feige has a lot on his plate with Marvel and fans like him where he is. Now, we learn that Zaslav really made the offer and we think, what if? Then again, the keys to the DC Studios kingdom are in good hands now too. Despite what other would say, James Gunn and Peter Safran has great empathy for the characters and fans when it comes to DC IPs.

David Zaslav Actually Offered Kevin Feige DC Studios

Gunn and Safran have done DC character-led project before. Even together. This gives a hopeful notch higher for fans to believe that they have big plans, wide encompassing plans for DC. At least in the limited time of their contract, they could really do so much together with all the characters in their grasp.

As someone who has been paddling both lakes, Gunn has proven his capacity to work within Marvel and DC  universes. Even multiverses, for that matter. In fact, he has active projects in both conglomerates. His Guardians of the Galaxy has a Holiday Special coming up which connects to the Vol. 3 movie in May 2023. On the other hand, his The Suicide Squad spin off series Peacemaker is in development for the second season together with another series focusing on Amanda Waller.

Gunn takes to twitter to express how he is in great professional relations with Feige. He discloses that Feige is the first person he contacted after accepting DC’s deal. Furthermore, he emphasizes that DC and Marvel has the common goal of keeping the theater experience alive and vibrant for all movie-goers.

David Zaslav Actually Offered Kevin Feige DC Studios

David Zaslav Actually Offered Kevin Feige DC Studios

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The new DC Studios co-CEO contacted his Peacemaker lead actor John Cena second. Everyone has a lot of work to do after the announcement. In two days, Safran and Gunn’s position in DC Studios are official. David Zaslav’s search ends. Now, work begins to lay down the foundation for their 10-year plan.

A lot of fans follow both as may comic book readers appreciate both IPs. Indeed, there is ample room for everybody in the entertainment industry. Besides, having someone who appreciates both DC and Marvel content at the helm for both companies can only mean a greater possibility of seeing a collaboration from both.

Don’t you think that would be even more awesome?


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