David Ayer Hopeful To Release His Cut Of Suicide Squad

Director David Ayer is still hopeful that DC Studios might still release his cut of Suicide Squad despite the many years that have passed. Even though the public has yet to know the official plans of the new tandem CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran, the director claims hope. Already, there are more than a handful of people who have seen his cut. And from these people, no one can hear anything disappointing.

In a recent interaction on social media, a fan asked the director if the drive to release The Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad should stop. This, because the fans have noted a distinguishable silence from the director at present. But Ayer quickly addressed the question and gave fans renewed resolve to support him. Even co-CEO James Gunn posted his reply in the comments.

David Ayer Hopeful To Release His Cut Of Suicide Squad

Fans can take this silver lining for the #releasetheayercutSS movement. We all know how driven the fandom can be with even just a slight support. Now the director stated that he still wants to get his cut public. This encouragement is further gaining a boost from James Gunn. Many would take his replay as a promising statement. The fact that he seconds what Ayer said.

It was also on social media, where fans got the hint of the difference between the theatrically released Suicide Squad and Ayer’s cut. Quite the difference was that Ayer’s cut had more Ben Affleck Batman scenes and that Jared Leto’s Joker was absolutely commendable. In the description, the one who got to see it said that Leto “stole the show”.

David Ayer Hopeful To Release His Cut Of Suicide Squad

Is it truly possible that Gunn and Safran are including the Suicide Squad Ayer Cut in their plans for the future? Right now, the fandom knows the two CEOs are finalizing their blueprints. Soon, they will be presenting this to the public. It has been so long since DC fans have seen actual long term plans presented. For quite some time, they have wanted to see some organization or at least stability in DC.

Much like what director David Ayer has said, we remain hopeful that his cut truly gets to see the light of day.


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