Daredevil’s MCU Debut In The Works

The much awaited Season 4 of Daredevil after the big move is coming to debut in MCU; it is already in the works.

Screenrant.com serves this wonderful news from Production Weekly about one of our favorite avocados… I mean, avogado. This very good lawyer is on his way to the MCU fold. Finally!

Apparently, it appears to be a reboot instead of a continuation of Matthew Murdock’s previous story. We are rooting for the rest of his team be on the new ship. Edlen Henson’s Foggie Nelson and Deborah Ann Woll’s Karen Paige are instrumental to Murdock’s character growth in Hell’s Kitchen. Elodie Yung’s Elektra is also one of the characters fans wish to come back. We know Vincent D’Onofrio is back as Wilson Grant Fisk or the Kingpin, and indeed we are happy about that.

Daredevil’s MCU Debut In The Works

Daredevil's MCU Debut In The Works

Image: Marvel

How much of the previous series will be retained? How much changes will be made for the new series? Charlie Cox, of course, will still be Daredevil, make no mistake. He himself has said that he has so much faith in the people behind this project. That for how ever they want to proceed with Murdock’s story, he is already all in. Gamesradar reports what the actor told an audience at the 2022 Middle East Film and Comic-Con. The actor discussed the potentials of the multiverse.

I don’t think it makes sense to pick up where we left off. In keeping with a lot of things in the MCU now, where there’s this alternate reality thing going on, what they’ve done with Spider-Man, and the animation Spider-Verse, it’s a good time to have this.

When Cox was asked about his ideas on the potential future of the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, he replied

A few years have passed. It’s Daredevil but it’s re-imagined, it’s slightly different. Do you know what I texted my friends when I found out this was all happening? ‘Born again’.

Daredevil would seem to be truly born again… into a new home.

No less than the president of Marvel, Kevin Feige himself and Chris Gray will produce the series. Together with the other three seasons, it will be streaming on Disney Plus. Feige apparently has bigger plans for Daredevil and we can’t wait to see what is in store.

Daredevil's MCU Debut In The Works

Image: Marvel

Despite this news of a reboot, we are still optimistic as to how the show will progress. As long as Daredevil is Charlie Cox, then we’re good with it. The bigger chances he has on being part of future MCU theatrical projects is practically icing on the cake.

We wonder if somewhere down the Hell’s Kitchen alleys, Daredevil will encounter Hawkeye or Black Widow? Chances and possibilities now are way better than ever before. He is even reported to show up on the upcoming series She-Hulk and Echo. Besides, should they need a defender…

He is a very good lawyer.


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