Dakota Fanning May Be Prepping For Major MCU Role

Multi-Award winning I Am Sam and Twilight franchise alumna Dakota Fanning may just be getting a major MCU role.

Giant Freakin’ Robot posted an interesting information about Fanning that she may have already landed a role in an upcoming MCU movie. Further, the post speculates that she may be the much awaited first lady of the Fantastic Four, Susan Storm aka The Invisible Woman.

While the MCU is still in the thick of its Phase Four, it has now opened its universe to Fantastic Four and X-Men. The Illuminati’s presence in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness sealed that possibility. With Professor Xavier and Reed Richards as members of the Illuminati, it meant versions of their respective teams also exist. Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic even acknowledged he has a family. A family where his wife is Susan.

Dakota Fanning May Be Prepping For Major MCU Role

Dakota Fanning May Be Prepping For Major MCU Role

Image: Marvel Comics Group

Dakota Fanning practically grew up before our very eyes on television from 5-yr old Alley McBeal in the series of the same name, to President Gerald Ford’s daughter Susan in 2022’s The First Lady. She isn’t a stranger to the silver screen either.

She broke through the movie industry with her critically acclaimed portrayal of Lucy in I Am Sam some 20 years ago.

After a few years, she became the powerful vampire Jane in the Twilight Saga until 2012. Afterwards, she went on to taking roles that captured the attention of critics and audiences alike from Effie Gray, The Alienist and Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood.

For any major name in the movie industry, the actor will have a role in the forefront of franchises. MCU has made a whole world for itself ever since Bruce Banner got angry or Tony Stark sold weapons. The franchise now isn’t even confined in one world, let alone one universe. The entry of many Marvel characters is just ripe for the picking. Now Fanning may just have a possibility of being part of Phase Four and even future phases.

Dakota Fanning May Be Prepping For Major MCU Role

Image: Lionsgate

Other than Susan Storm or Sue Richards or Invisible Woman, Fanning can also take on roles of some Mutants. Should MCU be forming the A-Force or Thunderbolts, there are other possible characters she could be taking on. She could be Dazzler or Singularity for the A-Force. Fanning can also be either Moonstone or Songbird for Thunderbolts. Both teams will require actors that can carry a fanbase at the same time deliver dramatic aspects of the characters. Dakota Fanning checks those criteria.

Sue Storm or not, Dakota Fanning fits right in to the MCU.


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