Chloë Grace Moretz Might Just Kick Into Marvel Studios MCU

Hit Girl actress Chloë Grace Moretz is very well in position for an MCU villainous role as she confirms she did meet with Marvel Studios. We seriously think this possibility is way overdue. Ever since her days at Kickass, the actress has demonstrated time and again that she fits in the MCU. reports that Moretz has confirmed that the talk did happen. Although, the actress was vague as to what role, story or when it happened. She did, however, express her interest for a role that of a villain.

Chloë Grace Moretz Might Just Kick Into Marvel Studios MCU

Chloë Grace Moretz Marvel Studios MCU

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In an interview for another upcoming project with Jack Reynor in The Peripheral, asked the actor if she got to talk with Marvel. Moretz said:

Yeah, we’ve talked a little bit about it. I mean, I think for me, I would be really interested in playing a villain in Marvel or DC, and jumping into more of the darker side of the role. 

While Chloë Grace Moretz answered her interest covers for MCU or DCEU, she is specifically inclined to take on darker roles. Could it be that the actress eyes on a specific character already? She continues:

I love a superhero. I think that’d be really fun, too. But…

The 25 year old actress already has a long list of projects to her credit. She is even a multi-award-winning actress in 2010 Let Me In, 2010 Kickass, 2011 Diary of a Wimpy Kid, 2014 Carrie, 2016 If I Stay and 2017 I Love You, Daddy. It is understandable that the actor would like to have the opportunity to stretch her talents and skill not just her fighting prowess. She ends her answer with:

…I think it’s just all about finding the one that really matches what you’re wanting to get across, and the scope of the character. I think it’d be really fun if it was the right role and the right project.

Chloë Grace Moretz Might Just Kick Into Marvel Studios MCU

Chloë Grace Moretz Marvel Studios MCU

Image: Warner Bros.

While Moretz’ fans would still have to wait for her MCU or DCEU debut, her latest project, The Peripheral premieres on October 21 in Amazon Prime Video.

The 8-episode series is a science fiction, thriller, drama. The kind that is right up Moretz’ alley. It features Moretz as Flynne Fisher, a young lady in a future world where technology somewhat affects the reality of society. An alternate reality opens a world of more questions for her where answers seem to lead to a dark future down the line. Alrick Riley and Vincenzo Natali directs some of the episodes under the writing team of Scott B. Smith, Jamie Chan, Greg Plageman, Bronwyn Garrity and William Gibson.

Joining Moretz and Reynor as cast are Gary Carr, Julian Moore-Cook, Louis Herthum, Chris Coy, Austin Rising and many more.


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