Charlize Theron To Produce DC’s Aqualad For HBO Max

Actress Charlize Theron takes a role behind the camera to produce DC’s Aqualad origin story entitled “You Brought Me the Ocean” for HBO Max.

A report from Variety shares that HBO Max is on the early development of a series featuring DC’s Aqualad based on the YA graphic origin novel “You Brought Me the Ocean“. Alex Sanchez and Jul Maroh created the graphic novel that showcased DC characters. It will be the source for the live-action, one-hour dramedy currently in development.

Charlize Theron To Produce DC’s Aqualad For HBO Max

Charlize Theron To Produce DC's Aqualad For HBO Max

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The novel tells the story about a teenager in New Mexico. His name is Jackson “Jake” Hyde. Ever since his time immemorial there has been a pull towards the water and he yearns to be free from his desert surroundings to get to the ocean. In this time of his life, he falls in love with his classmate, high school swim captain Kenny Liu. Coming to terms with his attraction, he also discovers and tries to harness his abilities in water and his control over water.

A.J. Dix, Beth Kono, and Andrew Haas of Denver & Delilah Films join Theron in executive producing the project for Warner Bros. Television. They have yet to announce the writer for the series.

In September 2017, Teen Titans Vol 6 #10 entitled “Blood of the Manta, Part Two: The Secret Lives of Parents“, Aqualad Jake Hyde is the son of Black Manta and a woman from the Atlantean Kingdom of Xebel in the Bermuda Triangle. Benjamin Percy wrote the novel with pencilers Phil Hester, Khoi Pham, Pop Mhan. Mhan also inked the novel with Trevor Scott. Jim Charalampidis colored and Corey Breen gave the letters.

Jake’s mother helped Black Manta acquire a map that leads to the location of the Black Pearl. Black Manta deceived Jake’s mother gaining her trust. But when she learnt of his true intentions, she escaped and went to the surface world with the map. She assumed the name Lucia Hyde.

Charlize Theron To Produce DC’s Aqualad For HBO Max

Charlize Theron To Produce DC's Aqualad For HBO Max

Image: DC Comics

Soon after Lucia came with child and gave birth to Jake. Jake manifested Atlantean abilities early on. To ensure his safety, Lucia moved far from the ocean into New Mexico. She never shared to Jake any information about his father nor his mother’s true history. Nevertheless, she still gave Jake a necklace unaware that the map is inside. Jake came out gay and misinterpreted his mother’s apprehensions. As she prefers her son not to be attracting much attention, being gay makes it difficult for Jake not to stand out. Jake fully embraced his gender orientation and got in a relationship with Kenny.

Aqualad is the newest DC character in development for HBO Max. It is not clear however if Charlize Theron will be portraying a role in the series. The recently finalized merger of Warner Bros. and Discovery truly is paving the way for new content to the HBO Max library. We look forward to this addition and hopefully it swims in very soon.


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