Charlie Cox Say Daredevil Will Be New But True To Source Material

D23 showcases Daredevil: Born Again as a new series while Charlie Cox states the character will be true to the source material. In a response to a red carpet suggestion, Cox say slapstick Daredevil will not work for the series, let alone the character. Meanwhile, the actor also said that the title of the upcoming series does not necessarily mean that the story will follow the Frank Miller comic book story in 1986.  Instead, the actor says that, although, he still has yet to find out, it could also just mean that it’s a new series for the Man Without Fear.

According to, the actor also said that Daredevil: Born Again is actually a reboot for the MCU. Furthermore, his answers a question pertaining to the storyline. His words:

I don’t think it means we’re gonna tell the Frank Miller story of Born Again in the comics. I don’t think it means that.

He further explains:

I think it means that we made the show, it ended, and now we’re making another show. It’s a perfect title.

Charlie Cox Say Daredevil Will Be New But True To Source Material

Daredevil Born Again Charlie Cox Frank Miller

Image: Marvel Comics Group

The Daredevil: Born Again storyline first appeared in Daredevil #227-231 from writer Miller and artist David Mazzucchelli. Season 3 of the Netflix Daredevil series is already loosely based on this story. Which is also the reason why the MCU version will not likely be tackling the narrative.

However, it can adapt certain parts of the story since the upcoming series under Phase 5 of the MCU is actually a reboot. However, because of the impending appearance of the character in the She-Hulk series, people started speculating that Matt Murdock’s new series may also follow suit.

Charlie Cox immediately answered that it will not be likely, considering the character and source. For a comedic overall tone in Daredevil similar to She-Hulk he says:

I don’t think that would work. Not over the course of our entire season. Not with this character.

It’s almost as if he is saying “not while I am the character.” But expounding his statements he said:

I don’t think it’s necessarily truthful enough to the source material for it to really work.

Charlie Cox Say Daredevil Will Be New But True To Source Material

Daredevil Born Again Charlie Cox Frank Miller

Image: Disney Plus

Nevertheless, the comics and as the previous Netflix series currently streaming on Disney Plus show, the character and story has its fun moments. Especially when Foggy and Matt talk about their college years and how they planned about their future firm. It’s perhaps these moments that made Cox say:

There’s plenty of comics, Daredevil comics, there’s plenty of runs where there is levity. There’s lightheartedness. There is fun. And I think with 18 episodes, you got time to do a bit of both.

Emphasizing the size of the upcoming series, Daredevil: Born Again may be an MCU reboot but it will definitely be paving ways for future stories. Comments on social media generally lean to the speculation that while the upcoming series may not follow She-Hulk’s tone, it may be taking the seriousness of the series a few notches lower. Given that the upcoming series will stream on Disney Plus, people have the impression that it will not be as mature as the series from Netflix. Although, other people also point out that the said darker series are actually streaming on Disney Plus at present. Thus, there is no reason to “water down” the tone. Furthermore, they will be having Deadpool and Blade in the MCU soon. Most likely, they can use Daredevil as a bridge to ease people into those as well.

As for us, we can only say: Congratulations on your rebirth Matt! May the avocado of Hell’s Kitchen continue to shine!


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