Celeste O’Connor Joins Sony’s Madame Web

Upcoming Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters movie Madame Web signs Celeste O’Connor on board as part of the cast.

A report from Variety.com comes in hot claiming Celeste O’Connor, Phoebe’s classmate in Ghostbuster: Afterlife, is now part of the upcoming Sony movie Madame Web. The movie is the latest project Sony has that is featuring its Universe of Marvel Characters. It’s Sony’s Spiderverse if you will.

Celeste O’Connor Joins Sony’s Madame Web

Celeste O'Connor Joins Sony's Madame Web

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News has been going around since the beginning of the year, if not way before then, about Sony’s Madame Web. As early as February, Dakota Johnson is already on the news taking on the titular role. Geekositymag.com even states that her Madame Webb will be instrumental to cross Sony characters into Disney’s MCU. With her on their side, they will not need Doctor Strange to cross the universe.

Maybe she has less possibilities of an Incursion or perhaps Doctor Strange will be busy with Dormamu and his niece Clea in another dimension. Who knows?

From the sequel of Doctor Strange, it’s now official that the main universe of the MCU is universe 616 or Earth 616. Sony’s Marvel Universe has yet to declare its number. In Marvel.com, Madame Web of Earth 616 is Cassandra Webb who has elevated psychic abilities that she is categorized as a medium. If Cassandra Webb is to be Dakota Johnson, which character will Celeste O’Connor portray?

There have been other female webslingers in Spidey’s world, let alone in other worlds. Sydney Sweeney of Euphoria has also made the news to be part of the cast.

Celeste O’Connor Joins Sony’s Madame Web

Celeste O'Connor Joins Sony's Madame Web

The two ladies with Johnson will each have a major part in telling Madame Web’s origin story. More importantly, the story will be under S.J. Clarkson’s direction. S.J. Clarkson has had her hand at directing strong female Marvel characters through Jessica Jones and The Defenders. Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless will write the screenplay. Quite notably, they are the same duo that wrote Jared Leto’s Living Vampire character Morbius for the big screen.

Let’s see how much web Sony can still spin with more characters from its sleeve. Further down the line, there are other Spider-Man villains still waiting for their time to shine. Are you looking forward to this?


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