Bosch Spin-Off Series: Amazon Release Date, Cast, Details

Amazon’s Bosch has a new spin-off series comin on IMDb TV with Titus Welliver returning and here’s the release date, cast, details and everything we know.

The original Amazon series is based on the crime detective books by Michael ConnellyThe books themselves sold around 80 million worldwide. There is no denying it’s a very popular series. 

Amazon’s Bosch series was so popular that it lasted seven seasons. The series didn’t really follow the same timeline as the books. But the books heavily inspired the entire seasons of the series. Each season was composed of one or up to three books.

Season one alone was based on three books which were The Concrete Blonde (Book 3), City of Bones (Book 8), and Echo Park (Book 12). The last season was based on The Burning Room (Book 17). The last season is where Harry Bosch surrenders his badge, and retires from the Los Angeles Police Department. 

The new series is entitled Bocsh: Legacy. It continues Harry Bosch’s life who’s now a private investigator. The story is set two years after the events of season seven.

But, what about the cast of this new Bosch spin-off?

The Cast Of Bosch’s New Spin-Off

Bosch Spin-Off Series Amazon Release Date, Cast, Details IMDb TV

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So, who’s all in the cast of this Bosch Spin-off?

Titus Welliver returns as Harry Bosch, retired from the LAPD and now works as a private investigator.

Mimi Rogers is back as Honey “Money” Chandler, a high powered defense lawyer.

We’re also happy to report the incredible Madison Lintz returns as Harry’s daughter Maddie Bosch, who is now working for the LAPD. This is very interesting, especially when you look at her character arc through the series.

At this time, these are the confirmed actors to have returned as regulars. There are no updates if any of the other cast will return, but it’s not far off to think that some of them will show up since the Bosch: Legacy went into production very quickly as soon as the show ended.

Details Of The New Bosch Spin-Off

It is no secret that the new series will be based on Michael Connelly’s book The Wrong Side of Goodbye which was released in 2016. So, it’s not a spin-off series. It’s a new chapter in Harry Bosch’s life. The series will be set two years after the events of the seventh season. Thus, some of the plotlines from the original series will carry over to Bosch: Legacy

Southern California’s biggest mogul hires Harry Bosch to look for his heir. He only trusts Bosch. But with his large fortune at stake, this will be a dangerous mission for Harry and for the one he is looking for. Harry Bosch’s journey uncovers details that link to his own past. At the same time, he volunteers as an investigator for the police department, tracking a serial rapist. Sounds like pure LA-detective-noir classic Bosch to us!

The book is inspired by authors such as Raymond Chandler, Ross Macdonald (pseudonym of Kenneth Millar) and Hashiell Hammett. All known for famous crime fiction. 

Bosch: Legacy Production And IMDb TV?

Bosch Spin-Off Series Amazon Release Date, Cast, Details IMDb TV

Wondering if the show is being developed? Don’t worry, they have already wrapped filming for Bosch: Legacy. It’s been confirmed by Michael Connelly himself that the show is already in post production. 

For now, this is season 1. We still have to see if it’s popular enough to get another season. Judging by the amount of viewers Bosch had in its first 7 sevens, this should be no question.

However, the shift to IMDb TV may get a wider audience since there is no subscription required to see the new series. 

There are still lots of books that haven’t reached the screen yet. So, it only depends on how popular the show is and see if they’ll still continue another season. 

The Bosch Spin-Off Release Date

Bosch: Legacy will have 10 episodes. There is no exact date for it’s release, but it is expected to be released on Amazon’s own free streaming service IMDb TV within 2022. If we had to put money down it would be around late spring or early summer of 2022. Since countries outside the US won’t have access to IMDb TV, we wonder if Bosch: Legacy will be shown in Amazon’s main streaming platform Amazon Prime. 

All seasons of Bosch are currently available on Amazon Prime. 


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