Blizzard Reveals Warcraft Arclight Rumble Game For Mobile

Blizzard Entertainment reveals their latest Warcraft game on mobile for the iOS and Android called Warcraft Arclight Rumble.

Warcraft is Blizzard’s largest franchise. Regardless of what you may think of their other franchises like Diablo or StarCraft, nothing is as big as Warcraft. The franchise has spawned an MMORPG called World of Warcraft (2004) which is currently Blizzard’s best product for more than a decade now.  They have also released a collectible card game for mobile called Hearthstone (2014). Not only it has released computer games, they have also released several board games.

It’s incredible how far the franchise has reached from starting out with a small RTS game called Warcraft: Orc & Humans (1994).

Blizzard Reveals Warcraft Arclight Rumble Game For Mobile

So, with the announcement of a new Warcraft game going to be released on mobile, a lot of fans were excited. But at the same time, worried. Why worried? If you’ve seen the BizzCon 2018 event, they really botched the Diablo Immortal announcement. I think people (developers and audience alike) are more prepared this time around.

Blizzard has just announced their latest free to play game called Warcraft Arclight Rumble. Just like Hearthstone, the game is set within the game world of Warcraft. While Hearthstone is played with cards, Arclight Rumble is played with a coin operated machine like a pinball. Arclight Rumble is played with virtual hero and villain miniatures played on elaborate maps.

The game is a very simplified real time strategy game. Without all the bulk of micromanagement. No more structures, no more building upgrades, very little resource to think about. All you need to gather is gold, to summon your miniatures. The miniatures will fight and move towards the end of the map automatically. The game feels very much like a Tower Defense game. If you are familiar with Kingdom Rush or Plants vs Zombies, then it’s pretty much that. But what’s interesting here is that you don’t just protect your base and finish waves of enemies. Warcraft Arclight Rumble requires you to defeat a boss which is pretty much at the end of the map. So, your miniature heroes, villains and other foot soldiers have to move forward and reach the end of the map and kill the boss. Blizzard calls it “Tower Offense.”

The game will keep you preoccupied for long periods of time. There are several regions, and each region will have 5 maps. At this time, Blizzard has reported 70 maps will be available for you to unlock. The game featured a lot of the single player component, but Blizzard did says that there is multiplayer. There’s a cooperative mode and head to head. You also have the option to join guilds.

Blizzard Reveals Warcraft Arclight Rumble Game For Mobile

Blizzard Releases New Warcraft Game On Mobile

Image: Blizzard

Just like Hearthstone, where you get cards, here you get hero and villain miniatures. You can level them up. Each hero and villain miniature will have their special abilities.

So, this is free to play. What will you be buying with the game? As of now, more miniatures. But don’t worry, the miniatures themselves only give the game variety but it is not “Pay to Win.”

There is a large amount of game here, which is very promising. The game goes back to it’s Warcraft RTS roots but with a touch of modern design elements. Even through the game looks very simple, it can be very challenging. Which I think, the game will have a bit of the grind to level up your heroes and villains.

There’s no official release date as of yet, but you can now register through their official site or through your phone (Android only for now, iOS option is still closed as of writing).

I was worried when I initially saw that it was a mobile Tower defense game. But at the end of the presentation, I’m actually looking forward to trying it. What do you think of the new Warcraft Arclight Rumble?


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