Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Social Media Reactions Are Up

Marvel Studios’ Black Panther: Wakanda Forever leaps into the social media platforms as the world premiere brings positive reactions in. Bringing MCU’s Phase 4 into a close, Director Ryan Coogler delivers a film worthy of praise in royal proportions. Early reactions to the movie are now up. Above all, the movie succeeded in paying tribute to the late Chadwick Boseman. Quite obvious among the posts, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is one of the best movies ever from Marvel.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Social Media Reactions Are Up

Knives Out, Breaking Bad and Star Wars director Rian Johnson declared he loved the movie. Furthermore, he says that through Coogler, Black Panther, while a huge and expansive movie, became an intimate and heartfelt film.

On display at the world premiere is the new Black Panther costume. The display has the label The Black Panther openly declaring Letitia Wright’s Princess Shuri as the new Black Panther. Particularly, the suit features the arm blasters unique to Shuri even before MCU Phase 4. More than the gadgets, Shuri seems to have the chance to demonstrate her fighting moves as well. Through a clip that is also circulating on twitter, Shuri takes on several opponents together with the dora milaje.

Without going into details, reactions of those who had the honor of seeing the movie ahead praise Coogler and Joe Robert Cole’s writing. Variety places the event at its top story, citing the latest Marvel movie as its ‘Most Poignant and Powerful Film’. Many highly commended Angela Bassett’s Queen Ramonda and Tenoch Huerta’s Namor. One tweet even speculates Bassett will gain an Oscar nomination for the role at the very least:

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Social Media Reactions Are Up

Key point in the positive responses is the tone of the movie. From what people say, over all the movie had its heart firmly in place. Some even advise those who are about to see the movie to be ready for tears. Definitely, Black Panther will make you cry. Furthermore, they are saying that people need to brace themselves for the mid-credit scene.

Equally important is the fact that the movie brought Rihanna ‘out of retirement’. Candidly, the Queen of Wakanda admitted that she and the rest of the cast found out Rihanna will be with them just on the event day. In fact, the Right Excellent Robyn Rihanna Fenty comes to the Black Panther sequel with two songs: Lift Me Up and Born Again. And, Bassett is completely regally pleased.

More and more, reactions come online only to bring anticipation to the November 11 release date more excruciating. Have you bought your tickets?


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