Black Canary In Batgirl & Justice League

New reports have rumored that Black Canary could, or will, make an appearance in upcoming projects, Batgirl and Justice League 2.

This introduction could lead to a solo movie for the underutilized character.

As HBO Max continues to introduce new DC projects, the possibility to set up more characters with their own franchise is feasible.

With a Batgirl film being released, HBO Max seems to be attempting to do for the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) what Netflix has done for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

The team up of Batgirl and Black Canary could signal either a Birds of Prey sequel or another attempt at bringing that group to life on the big (or small) screen.

Black Canary In Batgirl & Justice League

Black Canary In Batgirl & Justice League

Image: HBO Max

With mixed reviews, from fans, they still overwhelmingly believe previous attempts at bringing Birds of Prey to the screen did not do the cult favorite justice.

Introducing titular characters in films rarely does not lead to larger projects with that character.

Why introduce Black Canary in the Batgirl film if not intended to lead to something more?

Well-known “industry scooper”, Daniel Richtman, tweeted:

I hear Batgirl leads into Black canary solo.

Some rumors have been revealed as fact, though we know how the entertainment industry works.

In the case of Black Canary playing a part in the future Justice League 2 film, Warner Bros. has expressed their desire to have Jurnee Smollett return as Black Canary as the leader of the Justice League in the aforementioned movie.

Smollett will reportedly also be portraying the character in the upcoming Batgirl HBO Max film, which will also be introducing the Green Arrow into the DCEU.

Black Canary In Batgirl & Justice League

Image: DC Comics

It will be interesting to see how Warner Bros. and HBO Max will introduce the characters we will eventually see as the Justice League.

There are many possible characters to work with, including, not only Black Canary but Blue Beetle, Superboy, and Animal Man.

Whatever the end result, the Justice League sequel, or “soft reboot”, should have fans clamoring for more stories and films involving their favorite characters.

If this all leads to a “second chance” Birds of Prey movie, or series, all the better!

Batgirl and Black Canary are both under development for HBO Max. Batgirl is expected to be released sometime in 2022.


How much do you want to see this happen?



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