Black Adam Trailer Drops With Justice Society of America

Dwayne Johnson finally releases the first official trailer for Black Adam and it showcases the Justice Society of America as well.

Black Adam star Dwayne Johnson finally tweeted a glimpse of what fans have been waiting for. The trailer covers a sneak peek into the character’s back story and impending overarching definitive choice.

By Johnson’s words:

The world needed a hero. It got BLACK ADAM.

Black Adam Trailer Drops With Justice Society of America

The trailer opens with possibly the first scenes in the movie telling about the origins of Black Adam. Pierce Brosnan’s Doctor Fate asks:

What have your powers ever given to you? nothing but heartaches.

In a few seconds, Black Adam’s history flashes with his voice telling:

I was a slave until I died then I was reborn as a god. My son sacrificed his life to save me. Now, I kneel before no one.

Coming to the present time, Black Adam comes into conflict with Hawkman’s principles. Hawkman states:

In this world, there are heroes. There are villains. Heroes don’t kill people.

To which, Adam answers:

Well I do.

Doctor Fate may have delivered the overall theme of the movie. That which, Black Adam will have to choose whether he is the destroyer of the world or become its savior.

Apart from Hawkman and Doctor Fate, the trailer gave a glimpse of Atom Smasher and also showed Cyclone’s powers. All of the other characters that comprise the Justice Society of America. The same characters are featured in DC’s one shot comics series designed to introduce them to the audiences before the movie premieres in theaters.

One-Shot series feature writer Cavan Scott teamed up with different artists. The comics will arrive in stores with the following schedule:

July: Black Adam: The Justice Society Files – Hawkman #1. Art from Scot Eaton and Norm Rapmund, as well as colors by Andrew Dalhouse.

August: Black Adam: The Justice Society Files – Cyclone #1. Art from Maria Laura Sanapo and Arif Prianto.

September: Black Adam: The Justice Society Files – Atom Smasher #1. Art from Travis Mercer and John Kalisz.

October: Black Adam: The Justice Society Files – Doctor Fate #1. Art from Jesus Merino and Ulises Arreola.

Black Adam Trailer Drops With Justice Society of America

Black Adam Trailer Drops With Justice Society of America

Image: DC Films

The official trailer of Black Adam implies that he is initially the antagonist of the JSA. However, perhaps as a redemption arc, he becomes allied with the Justice Society of America. This, in order to defeat a looming greater threat.

The trailer also confirms the theories that he is the hero whom the wizard Shazam had to imprison for a millenia. This storyline is in the first Shazam movie that told about a hero that used the power for personal revenge.

The movie premieres in theaters on October 21, 2022. Joining Johnson and Brosnan in the cast are Noah Centineo as Atom Smasher, Aldis Hodge as Hawkman and Quintessa Swindell as Cyclone.


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