Baby Groot Returns A Week Earlier Than She-Hulk In Disney Plus

Fans of Baby Groot would be happy to know the characters returns in animation one week before She-Hulk’s premiere.

In fact Marvel just put the first poster up featuring Baby Groot chilling out saying “Original Shorts Aug 10 only on Disney+

The series aptly titled I am Groot is a series of shorts featuring Groot’s glory days of adventure as he grows up in the galaxy.

No further detail is shared in the latest poster except that it’s a week earlier than She-Hulk. However, there is a possibility of a trailer dropping soon.

Baby Groot Returns A Week Earlier Than She-Hulk In Disney Plus

Baby Groot Returns A Week Earlier Than She-Hulk In Disney Plus

Image: Disney

In the Marvel fandom, Groot is a Flora colossi from Planet X. The planet where tree folk is the superior race among the planet’s resident species. In his sapling years, Groot had more empathy towards “maintenance mammals” than to his own kind. One day, he saved a mammal from a fellow sapling. The other sapling was brutalising the mammal and Baby Groot defended the creature at the same time freeing a human subject abducted for experimentations. Because of Groot’s interference, the Arbor Masters banished Groot from the planet leaving him to grow outside Planet X and explore other galaxies. At some point, the Kree captured and imprisoned Groot where he met Rocket Raccoon who then introduced him to Star-Lord. And the rest is history.

It was about a year ago when Vin Diesel himself hinted at the upcoming project in an interview with There he sent his interviewer Brandon Davis on a mission. As Davis shared that he will be talking to Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige, Diesel said:

If you’re talking to [Marvel Studios boss Kevin] Feige on Saturday, you can ask him about the Groot story that he’s excited about; the return to Planet X.

The actor has Groot very close to his heart, saying:

The Groot character… There’s a few characters like Iron Giant and Groot that I knew would be gifts for my kids in a way but the irony is the Groot character is a gift from my kids because I played that character, in part, because when Marvel sent over a book of Marvel characters, my three-year-old son at the time pointed at the picture of the tree. I never would have thought that that would be a character I would play. I had nightmares of playing the tree at the school play when I was 10 years old. Playing Groot is a wonderful thing. Taika is a friend of mine and he’s such a talented director, as is James Gunn. Just talented directors, I take my hat off to them.

Baby Groot Returns A Week Earlier Than She-Hulk In Disney Plus

Baby Groot Returns A Week Earlier Than She-Hulk In Disney Plus

Image: Marvel Studios

Other talks on the net share that another Guardian of the Galaxy may be featured in the I Am Groot animated series. In a January 4, 2022 tweet from @guardiansupdate, a photo of a storyboard shows Drax to be in one of the scenes. In the storyboard, Drax is playing a game that Baby Groot asks to play as well. Then the next frame shows Drax ignoring Groot who then gets angry. The sapling stretched his arms to take the game from Drax and proceeds to play it himself.

This most likely is a scene that occurs just before the events of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Because the animated short series will be showing Groots antics fans are looking forward to the delight of the stories Groot will bring to the small screen. Much like those stories your parents tell you when you were a kid to possibly embarrass you to your future friends and even work colleagues.

Just two months to wait.


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