Author Christopher Paolini Co-Showruns Eragon In Disney Plus

Disney Plus is developing live-action series Eragon with its original author Christopher Paolini as its co-showrunner.

Variety posts their exclusive on the television series adaptation of Eragon. The said title is first of four books under the “The Inheritance Cycle”.

Paolini wrote the first draft of the novel after graduating from home school at the age of fifteen. He was sixteen years old when he let his parents read the final manuscript. At age eighteen, he self-published Eragon and travelled around the United States to promote the novel. Novelist Carl Hiaasen came across the book and got Alfred A. Knopf to re-publish. The re-published version of the book hit the shelves in 2003.

Author Christopher Paolini Co-Showruns Eragon In Disney Plus

Author Christopher Paolini Co-Showruns Eragon In Disney Plus

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The story follows a boy named Eragon who finds a stone that happens to be a dragon egg. He later hatches the egg and names the dragon Saphira. The main villain is the evil King Galbatorix who catches wind about the new egg and wishes it for his own. Eragon finds a mentor in Brom. In turn, Brom teaches Eragon the “Ways of the Rider”.

The novel got its film adaptation in 2006. Stefen Fangmeier directed the movie that Peter Buchman wrote for the screen based on Paolini’s work. Ed Speleers played the titular role where Jeremy Irons, Sienna Guillory, Robert Carlyle, Djimon Hounsou, Garrett Hedlund, Joss Stone and John Malkovich joins as cast. Actress Rachel Weisz starred as the voice of Saphira.

At his early 20s, Paolini may not have taken a huge part in the development of the movie. Only that the novel is the entire basis of the full length film feature. In an interview, Paolini did state he enjoyed the movie and praised Irons and Speleers’ portrayal of their characters.

Author Christopher Paolini Co-Showruns Eragon In Disney Plus

Author Christopher Paolini Co-Showruns Eragon In Disney Plus

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The movie didn’t fare well with critics and fans as it only to 16% in the Tomatometer and most fans feedback reflect disappointment in the film. Some even state that the world it built was technically impressive but lacked the heart in the delivery. However, it still returned its production budget of $100M with the $249.49M box office record.

Despite the movie being commented as a historical fantasy version of Star Wars, it still bears its own charm. Christopher Paolini now being a co-showrunner to the upcoming live action series of Eragon for Disney Plus is very promising. He knows his world, his characters and his story. While the plot is already out in public, the interpretation for Disney is something we can all look forward to.

This is a story that a teenage boy wrote with the entire support and love of his family. Can anything be more Disney than that?


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