AMC Studios To Make Maggie And Negan SpinOff Of The Walking Dead

AMC Studios is to make a spinoff series of The Walking Dead, entitled: Isle of the Dead, with character focus on Maggie and Negan.

The Walking Dead series is closing in on its final season this year.

With the season finale coming in a few months, AMC Studios announce that Maggie and Negan will be getting a spinoff series located in New York City.

11 Seasons of this post apocalyptic series made the viewers see how the world and society can change with a “walker” pandemic.

All these years, they never got the cure.

For years the series has amassed a considerable following even though some long-time fans are quite rooting for the series to finally end.

The idea of a zombie apocalypse in the beginning seasons was actually intriguing.

AMC Studios To Make Maggie & Negan SpinOff Of The Walking Dead

AMC Studios To Make Maggie And Negan Spin-Off Of The Walking Dead

Image: AMC

Characters of the show developed and the audience empathized in their loss.

So much stories told that it had previous spinoffs but with varied to negative reception from the audience.

The current season is seeming to depict a strong unified society promising a brighter future in Commonwealth.

Now, we know that the show had done this before where the characters see a society they can hope to belong then everything goes downhill.

The series shows powerplay among its leader characters and then the “walkers” come in to remind everyone the world is changed.

Audience have mixed to somewhat favorable reactions for the current running season. They feel they have seen it before.

But viewer interest is also increasing especially with rumors floating that Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes could be still alive.

So much can still happen as the show is just half way its final season.

However, even before ending the series, we get the news for another spinoff.

Questions rise as AMC Studio announce that the lead characters are to be Maggie and Negan.

AMC Studios To Make Maggie And Negan Spin-Off Of The Walking Dead

Image: AMC

Actors Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan are back for the 6-episode spinoff series.

Eli Jorné will run the series as he is a writer and producer of previous episodes in The Walking Dead.

Deadline further reports that the two characters will actually team up and travel to Manhattan.

If you have seen the previous seasons or read the comic book source, Negan was the one who killed Glenn, Maggie’s husband just to prove a point.

Is Maggie finally going to take action against Negan in the Isle of the Dead?

What are they doing or going to do in New York?

The world of The Walking Dead is actually very much alive. Apart from this spinoff, we also get another one with Daryl and Carol, and an Anthology series as well.

The sun may be setting on the original series but it will be giving rise to new ones we can look forward to.


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