Amazon Prime’s Reacher Tops Neilsen’s Streaming Charts

Amazon Prime registers its first Top Weekly on Nielsen’s ranking charts over other streaming services with the ‘Reacher’ series.

Nielsen’s weekly recorded ranking on the minutes of streaming was from February 7 to 13. Deadline reports that Reacher clocked in almost 1.6 billion minutes of streaming. This gives Amazon Prime the Number 1 spot on the race for the first time ever.

Second in the rank is Netflix’s Sweet Magnolias with 1.56 billion minutes. Third spot went to Ozark (Netflix) with 1.22 billion minutes. Fourth to Tenth spots are: Inventing Anna (Netflix), Encanto (Disney+), The Book of Boba Fett (Disney+),  NCIS (Netflix), Raising Dion (Netflix), Cocomelon (Netflix), and Criminal Minds (Netflix)

It seems that Amazon Prime has quite a property in ‘Reacher‘, as it bested two streaming giants for the top spot.

Amazon Prime’s Reacher Tops Neilsen’s Streaming Charts

Amazon Prime's Reacher Tops Neilsen's Streaming Charts

Image: Amazon Prime

The reputable ranking authority generates data from Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Apple TV+ and Amazon Prime Video. These streaming services and the companies from where they belong to use the data they gather from these ranking charts.

The data gives streaming companies an idea as to the profile of their most populated viewers. The ranking provides an overview of “who’s who” and “what’s what” on content and streaming. These become the basis for development of future projects as the ranking provides growing trends reflected by the viewers.

Reacher is a crime thriller series based on the Jack Reacher books by Lee Child, specifically the Killing Floor. He comes to a fictional town in Margrave, Georgia only to find himself in the middle of a homicide conspiracy. Alan Ritchson stars as the titular title of the show. British director M.J. Bassett is at the helm with the show.

Amazon Prime's Reacher Tops Neilsen's Streaming Charts

Image: Amazon Prime

Only three days from its Season 1 release this February 4, 2022, Amazon already greenlit Reacher Season 2.

Amazon declares it was among its highest-rated original series, with subscribers giving it an average rating of 4.7 out of 5. Nick Santora writes for the streaming adaptation of Child’s first Reacher novel. It’s quite notable that the author of the novel is immensely involved in the development of the series. This most likely affects the delivery of the story as Santora writes within Child’s radar.

Audience clearly appreciate this adaptation of the book and Amazon cannot agree more.

We can look forward to more of Jack Reacher as he returns for his next season.

For now, all episodes of Season 1 are available on Amazon Prime for your viewing pleasure.


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