Ahsoka Movie Starring Rosario Dawson Reportedly In Development

There’s a recent report that an Ahsoka Tano movie is reportedly in development with Rosario Dawson still as the titular role.

None other than Dave Filoni is developing the Ahsoka Tano movie starring Rosario Dawson, as reported by Giant Freakin Robot.

Ahsoka has a huge fanbase from the animated series then to Dawson’s live action portrayal.

It’s only welcome news that we learn that Filoni is developing a movie for her.

Appearing in The Mandalorian as the Jedi who shared to us that the child’s name is Grogu, she turned down the request to train the child in the ways of the Force.

In The Book of Boba Fett she also appeared to shed some light to the point that Grogu may be a Padawan or a Foundling.

Ahsoka Movie Starring Rosario Dawson Reportedly In Development

Ahsoka Movie Starring Rosario Dawson In Development

Image: Disney Plus

She was the one who made Din Djarin accept that Grogu needs the training.

She also made Luke Skywalker realize that Grogu has to choose.

From Ahsoka’s youth to the unofficial Jedi that she is now, she has been through so much and matured over the years.

She is even worthy to be one of the new Jedi Council Leaders.

However, personally, I don’t see her taking one of those seats.

With the Ahsoka Series about to stream on Disney Plus, we only can imagine what the movie will cover in Ahsoka’s quest.

Is the movie going to be for theatrical release or will it be for streaming?

Since this announcement is very recent, the movie will most likely be after the series.

Previously announced characters for the series include Anakin Skywalker which Hayden Christensen is coming back for.

Ahsoka Movie Starring Rosario Dawson In Development

Image: Disney Plus

Natasha Liu Bordizzo will be part of the series as Sabine Wren.

In The Mandalorian, viewers find out she is looking for Grand Admiral Thrawn.

This is the main premise that speculations lean on to.

That, and the search for Ezra.

Will Ezra make his appearance on Ahsoka Tano the series or will we see him in the movie?

If the timeline is in line with The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett then The Ahsoka Tano Series will also be after the events of the Return of the Jedi.

There’s also the part where Luke Skywalker means to re-establish the Jedi Order.

Will he be able to bring Ahsoka back to the order?

So many questions will soon be answered.


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