Adil El Arbi Teases Ms Marvel Season 2

Director Adil El Arbi takes to Instagram a sizzle reel of Ms Marvel they concluded over a month ago, but is still streaming on Disney Plus. It seems that the director himself truly has something up his sleeve to continue the story of Kamala Khan.

As one of the more successful Disney Plus series for the MCU, Ms Marvel literally and figuratively crossed borders in its storyline. From culture to country and even to origin of special abilities, the series that the tandem directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah set an MCU record. No wonder, even now fans still actively express their agreement that the series needs a Season 2.

The director captions his instagram post with:

Just reminiscing on our time spent in the MCU, who’s ready for season 2?!

Adil El Arbi Teases Ms Marvel Season 2


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To which, the post already has 3,142 likes as of writing this article. In the video Adil El Arbi said:

We wanted to pay homage to what the comics was. In the comics, Kamala Khan all of a sudden discovers that she has these superpowers. And she’s a big fan of Captain Marvel. 

Then Bilall Fallah follows saying:

When I read the comic book, it was so full of color. So full of vibrancy. And we really wanted to translate that.

Talking about the characterization of Kamala Khan, Adil El Arbi explains:

She is still a huge fan of Captain Marvel, the strong woman superhero. Somebody that she basically wants to be. But feels like she will never be. because in her mind she’s just a brown girl from Jersey.

And she thinks that brown girls from Jersey don’t become a superhero, don’t save the world.

By the end of the series, a brown girl from Jersey did actually become a superhero. Most likely, she will also be instrumental in saving the cosmos in the next Captain Marvel movie The Marvels. In the post credit scene, Kamala Khan suddenly swapped places with Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel. Evidently, this scene will be picked up in the Captain Marvel sequel soon to show in theaters worldwide.

Adil El Arbi Teases Ms Marvel Season 2

Ms Marvel Director Teases Season 2 Adil El Arbi

Image: Disney Plus

Just a few days ago we posted that Ms Marvel could very well be on its way to receiving Season 2 green light. This sizzle reel from the director is a very positive sign that this could indeed come to fruition.

It will truly be a relief to find out what further observations Bruno got from studying Kamala Khan’s cells and genetic make up. Could they finally, after all these years, truly bring mutants into the MCU? What happens to the Veil? How will Kamala Khan get back to Jersey from wherever she ended up into?

So many questions! But, we do find comfort in knowing that Ms Marvel knows she is a superhero.


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