A24’s Love Lies Bleeding Now Stars Kirsten Stewart

An upcoming romantic thriller from A24 entitled Love Lies Bleeding has Kirsten Stewart on board as the lead character’s love interest.

The Hollywood Reporter breaks the news. Rose Glass, the director of Saint Maud co-writes and will direct the film feature. Love Lies Bleeding will showcase the highly competitive world of bodybuilding.

A24’s Love Lies Bleeding Now Stars Kirsten Stewart

A24's Love Lies Bleeding Now Stars Kirsten Stewart

Image: Topic Studios

The Love Lies Bleeding script co-written by Weronika Tofilska centers on the extreme measures taken to succeed in the world of bodybuilding. Stewart will be the protective lover of a female bodybuilder in pursuit of her American Dream.

Conflicts will arise for someone working to achieve her goal to become the best in her field. The athlete will do everything it takes to win. Sometimes possibly at the expense of friends, family and love. What can a person give up or turn away just to fulfill their ambition?

Glass is a European award winning writer and director of Saint Maud. The movie is a psychological thriller, horror about a hospice nurse obsessed with a patient she takes care of. Critics have called the movie a ‘religious psychological horror’ promising endless nightmares.

One can only imagine the depth how Rose Glass can go into the psyche of her characters. This time in the mind of a struggling female bodybuilder.

Tofilska is also a director and writer with a number of projects to her credit. She has previously worked with Glass back in 2015 for A Moment of Horror where she also wrote and directed the segment The Doorkeeper.

A24’s Love Lies Bleeding Now Stars Kirsten Stewart

A24's Love Lies Bleeding Now Stars Kirsten Stewart

Image: 20th Century Studios

Stewart has been tackling many roles ever since the conclusion of the Twilight Series. She is recently nominated for an Oscar award in her performance as the future Princess of Wales Diane Spencer in the biographical film Spencer, with Pablo Larrain at the helm.

Andrea Cornwell for Lobo Films and Oliver Kassman for Escape Plan Productions will join A24 to produce the film. The movie has yet to find its lead in the cast. The team behind the project means to find the most authentic candidate for the role. Casting and actor-search is still under way upon writing of this post.


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