A Sequel To Godzilla vs Kong Set To Film In Australia

It looks like the MonsterVerse sequel to Godzilla vs Kong is scheduled to film in Australia.

Godzilla vs Kong was released during the pandemic. It was a very difficult period for any film to be released at the time. Factor in that the film was also streamed simultaneously on HBO Max. Many films were highly affected regardless of how popular they were. DC Films’ Wonder Woman 1984 and Marvel Studios’ Black Widow also had simultaneous releases in theaters and streaming. The studios themselves weren’t happy with WarnerMedia’s decision. But regardless of how the movies were released, Godzilla vs Kong still made a profit of $96.4 million.

A Sequel To Godzilla vs Kong Set To Film In Australia

A Sequel To Godzilla vs Kong Set To Film In Australia

Image: Legendary Pictures

With the movie’s positive reviews and an impressive box office results, it exceeded expectations. The people behind the movie hoped that they could still continue the franchise. In general, Godzilla vs Kong was the main build up for the MonsterVerse franchise. The franchise will only move forward if fans want more. Legendary Pictures has shown that it is taking slow steps, but it is getting there.

It has been announced by Legendary Pictures that an untitled sequel to Godzilla vs Kong is set to film later within the year. Not only that, it has specified that they will be filming at Gold Coast and in other locations in Southeast Queensland. Both Kong: Skull Island and Godzilla vs Kong had filming done in Queensland, Australia.

Currently, very little is known about the upcoming sequel. For now, all we know is that Eric McLeod is producing the film. He is known for producing films like DC Films’ Black Adam, Malignant, Godzilla vs Kong, Mr. & Mrs. Smith and more. He’s been involved in a lot of box office blockbuster movies.

A Sequel To Godzilla vs Kong Set To Film In Australia

At this time, it looks like this is separate from the live action series Apple TV plus has ordered. Yes, Apple has a joint venture with Legendary Television, Safehouse Pictures, and Toho Co Ltd. Legendary announced this back in January 2022. The series will have Chris Black (Xena: Warrior Princess, Star Trek: Enterprise) as the showrunner. It will be co-produced by Chris Black and Matt Fraction (Hawkeye).

What do you think the film will be about? Will the new sequel focus on Godzilla or King Kong or both? Who will star in the movie this time?


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