A Quiet Place 3 Upcoming From Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures officially announced that A Quiet Place 3 movie is upcoming, set for 2025, apart from the spinoff movie next year.

A Quiet Place is proving to be a bankable franchise for Paramount Pictures.

John Krasinski directed the first two post-apocalyptic movies of the growing franchise.

He co-wrote the first movie with Bryan Woods and Scott Beck, who initially conceived the story.

While in the second movie, Krasinski wrote, produced and directed it himself.

The franchise mainly tackles the presence of audio sensitive aliens.

They overpowered humans and nearly killed the entire human population.

The first movie immediately shows that the world had lost most of the people.

It featured a family, going through the challenges of surviving given the presence of the creatures.

They suffered loss of the youngest son and the father.

However, the family discovered the weakness of the creatures that gave them the chance to fight back.

A Quiet Place 3 In the Works As Announced by Paramount Pictures

A Quiet Place 3 Upcoming From Paramount Pictures

Image: Paramount Pictures

The second movie picks up immediately at the end of first.

It also showed flashback scenes depicting the first appearance of the creatures.

As the movie progressed, the daughter, Regan, took it upon herself to broaden the reach of a way to fight back.

With the knowledge about the effects of the noise from her cochlear implants, she sets out to go to a radio station.

Upon discovering that her daughter left, Evelyn pleaded her husband’s friend, Emmett, to bring her daughter back.

Emmett finds Regan and helps her on her journey instead.

They reach an isolated island with a community of survivors.

They share their plan to broadcast the sound in order to render the creatures defenseless.

Unknowingly, a creature was able to follow them and wreaked havoc to the island.

Meanwhile, her mother, brother and newborn baby sibling are also threatened with another creature.

Quickly, Regan, Emmett and the local community leader proceeded to go to the radio station.

The leader sacrificed himself that Regan and Emmett were able to broadcast the sound.

They were able to defeat the creature.

At the same time, the broadcasted sound reached the creature threatening Regan’s family.

Evelyn and her son Marcus were able to kill the creature before it was too late.

Upcoming A Quiet Place 3 From Paramount Pictures

A Quiet Place 3 Upcoming From Paramount Pictures

Image: Paramount Pictures

As expected, the third movie will most likely focus on the alien creatures.

However, the broader scope of being able to utilize sound to defeat them gives hope to humanity.

The aspect of the daughter getting back to her mother is still open to conflicts.

Conflicts borne from the possibility that Regan and Emmett may have to deal with the members of the community.

They could see Regan and Emmett as the outsiders that endangered them.

The community could even punish Regan and Emmett for the death of their leader.

Then again, they also brought the best chance of beating the creatures to the community.

They will realize that the community now has the power to share this information to the world.

Perhaps the third installment will even mobilize uniformed armed forces.

This could be the best conclusion for the movies.

If they are positioning this as a continuous franchise, other story elements can be developed.

Conspiracy theories or such twists can also be featured for future projects.

A Quiet Place 3 From Paramount Pictures Coming 2025

A Quiet Place 3 Upcoming From Paramount Pictures

Image: Paramount Pictures

Paramount sets the third movie for 2025.

They also have a spin-off movie for next year.

Described with a plot based from the original movie, Michael Sarnoski of the movie Pig is the director.

A Quiet Place 3 has no officially announced director as of the moment.

Still, the possibility of bringing everyone back for the third movie is high.

John Krasinski has proven to have a sound vision of the story.

The whole cast, Emily Blunt as Evelyn Abbott, Cillian Murphy as Emmett, Millicent Simmonds as Regan and Noah Jupe as Marcus Abbott of course should reprise their roles.

With a production budget of $17,000,000 for the first movie, it generated an All Time Worldwide Box Office record of $334,876,670.

The second movie generated an All Time Worldwide Box Office record of $296,667,589 from a bigger $61,000,000 budget.

Collectively, with the budget of $78,000,000, the two movies churned in $631,544,259.

Could there also be a streaming series for this franchise?

Any succeeding project will highly depend on the upcoming spin-off and third movie performances.

The creators will definitely bring new players on the table to change things up.

For now, we have to patiently, quietly wait.


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