20th Century To Revive 80s Working Girl With Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is in the final leg of negotiations to revive 20th Century’s 80s blockbuster movie Working Girl. The corporate comedy movie of 1988 winning Oscars Best Music, Original Song and nominated for 5 other Oscar Awards is up for a remake. Nominations are namely, Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress in Leading Role, and two Best Supporting Actress nominations for Supporting Role.

Deadline reports that Gomez is looking at producing the Working Girl remake with 20th Century. However, it’s uncertain if Gomez will be the lead. The actress and singer is also busy as a producer of several projects under her belt. And the remake might just be one of her newest projects as one.

20th Century To Revive 80s Working Girl With Selena Gomez

20th Century Studios is likely doing its Disney assignment. Working Girl is part of the 10 movies for streaming and 2-3 movies for theatrical release that Disney mandates. Because all studios under the company has the same mandate, 20th Century looks into its title trove for future projects.

It’s no secret that Gomez and Disney go way back almost 20 years from 2003 Spy Kids 3, a Buena Vista International movie, and Wizards of Waverly Place of the Disney Channel. Throughout the years, the celebrity has built a name of her own in music and in acting.

For almost a decade, she has been getting into projects behind the cameras as well. There are projects that did not star her in them like 2020s The Broken Hearts Gallery, This Is The Year, and the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why.

While the upcoming revival of the movie has its story still under wraps, the original film took to focus on a career woman’s actions to climb the corporate ladder. The movie starred Melanie Griffith, Harrison Ford, Sigourney Weaver and Joan Cusack. The original movie is available to stream on Hulu. Consequently, the upcoming revival is also headed to the same streaming service.

20th Century To Revive 80s Working Girl With Selena Gomez

20th Century To Revive 80s Working Girl With Selena Gomez

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Even though there is indeed a growing number of movies banking on nostalgia nowadays, one can’t help but wonder. Until when will they be doing reboots, revisions or similar projects for theater or streaming release? Then again, it might just not go away. Considering that remakes have been around even before the pandemic, the projects effectively connect generations with the stories.

Working Girl may just be due for a remake or a continuation of the story. Who knows? The original film came out when the world knows little about internet information and social media. Let alone eCommerce. Perhaps an update to the movie will feature these into the narrative as well. Could there be a possibility of revisiting the characters of Griffith and Weaver for the new movie? Only time will tell.


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